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Water Tank Series Flush Valve Series
Admission Valve Series Button Series
Set of Mechanism Series Seat Cover Series
Conceaied Water Tank Series series mixer
Hardware Series Topmount sink Series
Bathroom accessory Series Accessories series
Floor drain series Braided hose series
Paper holder series

  Company Profile

   Yuyao Xinhai Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd is located below beautiful Siming Mountain in East Zhejiang,and in Zhejiang Yuyao City with a reputation of "the most famous city in southeast".
    Relying on the market advantage and technology of "kingdom of plastic,town of mould" of Yuyao, it deals with the development,production,sales and service of water tank products.

  Corporate Culture

Core of Culture:Sincere Innovative
Enterprise purpose:Serving users and Repaying society
Business philosophy:people first, users first,developing enterprise with science,establishing industry with sincerity
·The future development trend o.. 14/7/13
·Exported to Europe and the Uni.. 14/7/13
·Bathroom Hardware expand into .. 10/7/26
·Bathroom Export Enterprises in.. 10/7/26
·Star quality sanitary ware ind.. 10/7/26
·Energy saving bathroom 10/7/26
·Bathroom rescue the market tre.. 10/7/26
·Home decoration market penetra.. 10/7/26
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GuangDong Sitong group GuangDong Sitong group
GuangDong Sitong group GuangDong Sitong group
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